Career At Unifree

Continuous Training/Academy

You can become an expert in the field you are interested in with one-on-one training from trainers of world-famous brands.
With Unifree Academy, get access to the training you want anytime, anywhere! On the academy platform, we create and share regular training content to support the development of our headquarters and operations staff. The trainings offered by the academy provides education to each of our colleagues in their fields of interest.

Employee Career Planning

We support the existing competencies of each of our colleagues who join the Unifree family from their first day, and help them take firm steps on their career path by developing them to gain new competencies.
At Unifree, we believe that each of our colleagues can be successful in the fields in which they are interested or inclined. To this end, we support them to reveal their areas of strength through continuous training, while we meet their expectations through inter-departmental transitions.
In addition, we provide support for career planning through talent pool and promotion programs.

Always Together.

We always listen to you and stand by you.
As Unifree human resources, we periodically meet with our colleagues to touch each of them. In these meetings based on a two-way communication, our employees share their opinions and questions with us on every subject and have the opportunity to receive regular feedback about themselves.
In addition, the Feed Forward period, which takes place twice a year, aims to establish two-way communication between positions. With the Feed Forward practice, managers can share their opinions with their team, while team members can share their opinions about their managers.

So glad to have you!

Our appreciation practice “So glad to have you” allows our colleagues to instantly convey their opinions to each other and encourages all our colleagues to share their work-related compliments with their colleagues and managers. This strengthens communication between the team.