How We Can Help You?
How We Can Help You?

Unifree Guest Relations is ready to assist you. You may find answers to frequetly asked questions. You may also fill the following form for your requests, suggestions or complaints.

What are my shopping and carrying limits?

You may do shopping within the limits in accordance with Turkish Customs regulations. However, shopping limits may vary by your final destination.

Am I allowed to carry liquid items on my connecting flights?

You may carry your liquid goods with-in a sealed-bag which will be provided during your purchase at our cash points. However, based on the restrictions of final destination; liquid products, even in a sealed-bag, might be confiscated by security before connecting flight. We would like to kindly guide you to check these restrictions and allowances with your final destination before purchase.

Why must the guests willing to do shopping strictly be the passport holders?

Based on the provisions only the passport holders are able to shop in person.

Do the prices include the taxes and/or duties?

The products sold in our shops are exempt from taxes and duties.

May I shop even if I do not intend to fly?

Shopping in our shops requires our guests to be an international flight passanger.

After I complete my shopping in the departure store(s) may I collect my goods in arrival store(s)?

The Customs regulations strictly require the passangers to carry along the goods shopped thereby.

May I do shopping with my children’s passport?

If your children are travelling with you, you are able to use their passport to do shopping. However, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products can only be purchased by guests over the age of 18.

I do not currently have boarding-pass and/or passport; is there any chance that I could purchase the products without the boarding pass?

Our stores are located after passport control. According to the Customs regulations, shopping in our stores requires you to present the boarding-pass and passport.

Do you have product catalogues?

Due to our high product variety and circulation in our stores, we are unable to present you a catalogue. However, you may check our website for the specially selected products at According to the law, we are unable to share alcohol and tobacco products information on our website.

May I purchase the same products in your arrival stores, too?

The products offered in our stores may vary due to the high level of product alternative and circulation.

Are your products original (authentic)?

All products offered to sales are under the warranty of the respective manufacturers.

I have sensitivity for specific ingredients. How may I be sure that the product is safe for me?

Our guest might be sensitive to the product’s ingredients. We highly recommend testing the product’s sample before purchasing. Therefore, the responsibilities associated with the use of the products are to be borne by the guest.

May I change the product after I purchase?

According to the Customs regulations you are able to refund the product if the billing completed within the same day and the Customs zone is not left

Do you gift-wrap ?

Based on the international security rules purchased goods must be visible during flights. However our Guest Relations Team may offer gift-wrap for you to pack after you land.

Why is any product available in the domestic market not available in your stores?

Our product range are also designed in accordance with the requests from our customers. You may deliver your feedback via our contact form.

When out of stock product(s) will be in stock again?

Our product range are also designed in accordance with the requests from our customers. You may deliver your feedback via our contact form.

Do you exchange money?

We would like to guide you to exchange offices right in front of our stores.

Are the prices high relatively to the domestic market?

The prices are set based on the abroad duty-free stores and domestic market. Since we run on an expansive product range, price difference may be at issue.

How can I find out about the prices in other currencies than Euro?

You may check prices in other currencies via the information screens located in our stores.

Why are the credit cards charged in Turkish Lira?

The credit cards are charged in the national currency of each country.

Why is the cash register clearance process detailed and why does it take long?

All cash register clearance processes are designed and implemented in strict compliance with the Customs regulations and the safety rules.

Why are the prices stated in Euro?

The prices are stated in Euro since our products are imported from abroad. However, you may pay in other currencies.

How can I purchase products with U|Order?

You may easily complete your order to collect your goods from our stores on your international flight by visiting

Is there any purchasing limit for U|Order?

You may do shopping within the limits in accordance with Turkish Customs regulations. However, shopping limits may vary by your final destination.

The brands offer excessive give-away promotions in the domestic market, do you do the same?

The give-away promotions are offered at the discretion of individual brands. Our representatives will provide you promotions if available.

How can I be sure that the product is not deteriorated? I would like to taste it before I buy it.

All products are stored in appropriate storage conditions. You may open the package of the product only if you pay the applicable price. If, upon the opening, the product is detected to have gone deteriorated, the applicable price shall be refunded, and the product shall strictly be retrieved.

Is the any additional discount for cabin crew?

There is no additional discount for cabin crew except than the campaigns in our stores.

Is there pork or pork additive in your products.

There is no pork or pork additive in products.

What if my international flight is cancelled after I purchase goods from your stores?

In case of any cancellation of your flights, you must visit our stores to return the purchased goods. On the contrary your products might be confiscated at the security control.

May I buy a pack of cigarette?

We are able to sell cigarette products as carton.

Could you inform me about the warranty terms for the products?

The warranty terms for the products are determined by the respective manufacturers.

Which exchange rate do you apply?

The exchange rate we apply is determined with respect to the market conditions.

May I use multiple credit cards for my payment?

Our payment system allowes to use only one credit card per payment.

What is your working hours?

We are glad to serve you 24/7 in İstanbul airport.

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